Welcome to Children’s Outreach Ministries! We are a non-profit organization dedicated to reach out to children with the greatest need who are at a high risk of abuse and neglect.  Our approach is to create a new environment for them that is safe, nurturing, and centered in the love of Christ.

As our initial project under the umbrella of this ministry, we founded a home for twelve girls (and counting) between the ages of 5 and 18, located in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.  We call it The Beehive, due to the constant buzz of excitement and activity of its young residents.  The girls come from unstable homes where they experienced abuse and/or neglect and were at high risk of sex trafficking, an enormous problem in a country plagued by poverty and warfare.  You can read more about their backgrounds under About: The Girls.

Our goal has been to create a home for these girls, not just a place to live.  While we provide a comfortable place to live and healthy food, we also strive to meet all their needs: emotional, relational, intellectual, spiritual, and physical.  For this reason, an essential aspect of this ministry is its close ties with the church community; mainly, in this case, the Christian Movement of Plenty, a Free Methodist Church in Bogotá, Colombia.  Learn about the church’s history under About: Beginnings.

Anyone who visits the Beehive today would not be able to imagine the dramatic changes that have occurred.  By means of unceasing prayer and gentle discipline, a transformation has taken place.  It has been a privilege for all who serve and visit the Beehive to witness this process firsthand.  We hope that you can participate in the lives of these girls as well, through prayer and support.  Please pass on this website to everyone you know.  Thanks for visiting!

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